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Game Cancelation/Field Closure Information 

Always check HOMEPAGE of waylandsoccer.org for field status. 

This is WAYS' primary means of communicating this information.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always adhere to our schedules. Bad weather, potential serious damage to the fields (and thus to the players) and other unforeseen circumstances could cause WAYS officials to cancel or postpone games, or to close fields on a given weekend game day. WAYS is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment in which our children can play and learn the game of soccer.

Because all of us have busy schedules, we are hesitant to cancel or postpone games unless absolutely necessary.
WAYS protocol for field closure is as follows:

During the week, the DPW determines field open/closed status according to weather.

  • DPW makes the call by 1:30, and WAYS will update the field status box on WAYS homepage within 30 minutes (presumably by 2pm).
  • If weather changes after a call has been made (say fields deemed open but rain begins at 5pm, unless notified otherwise by WAYS, coaches are to follow the DPW field use policy, and  WAYS Lightning Policy

On Weekends, in cases where a delay or cancelation is required...

  • WAYS officials will reach a decision by 7:00 am for morning games and 11:00 am (but closer to 10:30 as possible) for afternoon games in order to give coaches and parents as much notice as possible. 
  • Accordingly, field status will be posted by 7am and 11am on days with questionable weather. Games are on unless you are otherwise notified of their cancelation. 

Game Cancelation Authority

  • Only WAYS officials may postpone a game due to inclement weather in advance of the game start time, and only if the fields are deemed unplayable according 
  • At the game start time, only a referee may postpone a game if he/she feels the field is unplayable, or if there are unsafe weather conditions (e.g., lightning). 
  • Soccer is played under conditions of rain. Coaches do not have the authority to cancel a game due to rain.

updated 8/24/13