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Micro Soccer Goal Instructions for Use (K-2 Intramural Coaches)

WAYS Micro Soccer goals are 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall, and are stored in a shed near the Micro Soccer playing fields. The shed is located behind the Wayland Middle School’s softball backstop.

Due to the shortage of field space in Wayland, we cannot leave the goals on the fields when our Saturday sessions are done. So we need to ask every coach to be responsible for his or her goals. This means either setting up the goals, or returning them to the storage facility. The good news is we have arranged the Micro Soccer Program schedule so you don’t have to do both! First session coaches should plan to arrive a few minutes early to set these up.

We appreciate your assistance in helping with this new task. We’re sure you’ll find that having real goals will make a big difference for the players’ overall experience.

Setting up the Goals

  1. Unwrap the Velcro strips holding the goal assembly together. (Be sure to re-attach the strip to a goal post so they’re not lost during the game.
  2. Open the goal, with the label on the net (most say “top corner”) up in the air. This label will be on the larger of the two goal frames.
  3.  Attach the metal brace on the upright frame’s bolt, slipping over the spring clasp to secure the brace.
  4.  Done!

Important Safety Note: At no time should you allow children to hang from the bars. The goals can and will tip over.

Breaking Down the Goals

  1. Slip off the spring clasp, releasing the metal brace from the upright frame, then push the brace back to the frame resting on the ground. Be sure to re-secure the spring clasp on the upright frame so the clasp and bolt doesn’t fall off the frame.
  2. Close the goal frames together, making sure no braces protrude.
  3. Very Important: wrap the Velcro strip around both frames and the brace. This will prevent the brace from slipping during transport and possibly injuring someone.
  4. Done!


Updated 8/22/13