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WAYS Intramural Referees Game Procedures (FALL ONLY)

  1. You may wear your BAYS uniform or a referee shirt and black shorts.
  2. Arrive at the assigned field 25 minutes before the start of the game with:
    Paper and Pencil
    Coin for Toss 

  3. Introduce yourself to each coach.
  4. Ask the coaches to have parents on the other side of the field.
  5. Inspect the players' equipment:
    They must have shin guards or they cannot play.
    NO jewelry or watches or casts are allowed on any player.

  6. Ask for the game ball from the home team coach and inspect it.
  7. Call for captains and perform the coin toss.
  8. Blow your whistle for teams to take the field.
  9. Referee the game - each half is 30 minutes long with 5 minute halftime.
  10. Blow your whistle to signal the end of each half.
  11. Remain on the field facing the two teams until the ceremonial handshake is completed then return the game ball.

Receiving Game Assignments and Getting Paid

  1. To get a game assignment you must have an account and update your availability on RefCenter.  For more information on registering and using RefCenter click here.
  2. In order to get paid, you must submit a game report on RefCenter.  You will NOT get paid if a report is not submitted.


Contact the Referee Director, Brud Wright, at 508-358-0114 or .

updated 3/26/14