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Post-Game Instructions for Payment, Spring

Referees must fill out two reports in the fall after each game: one on RefCenter and one on BAYS.


After each game go to www.refcenter.com and do two things:

  1. Enter the score.
  2. If there were Assistant Referees, check off if they were present.
  • When you enter the score you will notice that the name of the Wayland coach will be listed as the visiting team. You can ignore that and simply enter the goals scored by the visiting team into that space.
  • Check off for Assistant Referees - CRITICAL - you need to be sure you know the names of the Assistant Referees. Their names will be listed on the Ref Center but you will need to know their names so you can check them off accurately in case only one Assistant shows up and two were assigned.


Once you have filled out your report on RefCenter, go to www.bays.org and complete these three steps:
  1. Sign in under unified login.
  2. Fill out your game report and enter the score.
  3. If you have any difficulties contact Brud Wright as soon as possible.
Problems? Contact Brud Wright by phone 508-358-0114 or e-mail at .

updated 3/26/14