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Town of Wayland DPW Field Use Policy 

General DPW guidelines: "All Fields are Open with use of discretion pending severe weather conditions. If there are any safety issues, please use common sense."

The following is the standard Field Use Policy from the Wayland Department of Public Works.
The following rules apply even if a field is posted as "open" on the WAYS web site.
Purpose: To protect the playing fields in Wayland from long-term damage.
Regardless of weather, a practice or game shall not commence, or continue, on a field if:
  1. The field has been closed by the DPW department.
  2. The field has standing water on it.
  3. The field is saturated with water.
  4. By playing on the field, the players are, or would be, damaging the field beyond normal wear and tear (i.e. tearing up the turf, creating muddy areas, etc.).
Once a game begins, the referee, umpire, or league official is responsible for the decision to suspend a game due to the above, or other, conditions.
Users must leave the facility or field within ½ hour after the end of permitted time.  Failure to do so will result in loss of field permit for the remainder of the season.