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3rd Grade Skill Development with PROformance Soccer Academy

WAYS has established a series of specialized training clinics with PROformance Soccer Academy as part of the regular 3rd-grade soccer curriculum for this season. This program is scheduled to meet with 3rd graders during their regular practice slot from 6:00pm - 7:30pm per the schedule below.  WAYS offers this program at no cost to the participants to strengthen the core soccer components of Wayland players and coaches as they transition to BAYS. All 3rd Grade Fall 2020 practices and PROformance sessions will take place on Mondays!

All team members and coaches should attend so as not to miss this valuable training, which will focus on individual skill development, mastering fundamentals, and the four major skill components of a soccer player: passing, dribbling, defending, and shooting. 

The 3rd-grade program will also devote time to cover game-day preparation, which will introduce coaches and players to the rules and expectations of the upcoming spring travel season.  Detailed information can be found here.

  • Session dates Girls4/12, 4/29, 5/10, 5/27
  • Session dates Boys: 4/22, 5/3, 5/20, 6/7
  • NOTERainouts will not be rescheduled

Program Overview
  • Three PROformance coach/mentors at each session.
  • WAYS coaches expected to fully participate in this professionally run practice session. Training material for each session will be emailed out to coaches each week in advance.
  • The coaching mentors serve to help provide the volunteer coaches with the training plan and coaching instruction that will allow them to run a productive, educational, and fun soccer practice for Wayland’s 3rd grade players.

Session Breakdown
  • Topic introduction/greeting, getting organized
  • Fun warm up games
  • Skills work (dribbling, passing, shooting, principles of defending)
  • Free play scrimmage, or game
  • Closing discussions/recap of session’s key points
  • Players leave each session knowing 4-5 keys to success, and have exercises to practice on their own

Participation Details

  • Who: 3rd grade players and coaches
  • Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm (in the fall season, these times may be adjusted to accommodate the loss of daylight)
  • Where: Grils @ Claypit / Boys @ Oxbow
  • Registration is NOT required – part of the WAYS 3rd grade curriculum
  • Cost:  free of charge to all participating WAYS 3rd grade players

updated 09/06/20