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Pre-Game Referee Checklist

Please arrive at your field at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff to ensure you have enough time to complete the following pregame duties.

Prior to each game, Referees must perform the following inspections:
  1. Walk the field, inspecting for:
    holes, sprinkler heads, etc.
    hazardous debris (glass, metal, sharp objects)
    proper lines and corner markings in place

  2. Inspect each goal
    Ensure sand bags or anchor stakes are present and secure
    ensure net is secured 
    ensure goal post cross bar is secure
    for portable goals - ensure wheels are in locked position

  3. Obtain proper game documents
    2 rosters from each coach (BAYS)
    Inspect pass cards - each team must have one Coach with a card (BAYS)
    provide 1 copy of each coach's roster to the opposing coach (BAYS)

  4. Inspect players
    Proper uniforms: cleats, shin pads, shirts tucked in
    No jewelry or watches, including cotton bracelets and earrings (anything that could entangle a player)
    For D1 & D2 teams - verify players and check against pass cards (Spring only, BAYS)
    Check in players against rosters, note any missing players or errors in jersey #s.

  5. Check your game tools
    Cards (officiating, red/yellow cards)
    Paper/pencil for notes

  6. Have a pregame meeting with your ARs
    (only 8v8 and 11v11 games)
    Relay specific instructions to your ARs and tell them how to support you
revised 5/15/13