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WAYS Policy on Religious Holiday Observance

It is the policy of WAYS (Wayland Youth Soccer) that we do not hold formal soccer events on major religious holidays. This means we do not play league games, do not hold clinics or Intramurals, do not run organized WAYS events if they present a conflict. This has been a long standing policy of WAYS, out of respect for families, and in the interest of alleviating any pressure or uncertainty about protocol for all parties. 


  1. The choice by any WAYS participants to refrain from WAYS activities because of religious reasons shall be respected by coaches, players and the organization. 
  2. All WAYS coaches are expected to cooperate in assuring that children and their families are able to choose freely, and without pressure, between religious observances and participation in WAYS activities. There is no exception, even if it is believed that no players on the team observe a given holiday. There is to be absolutely no polling of the team regarding whether such holiday is observed.
  3. It is expected that a child who chooses to observe a religious holiday in lieu of playing soccer will not jeopardize his/her playing time or position on the team in any way as a result of such choice.
  4. WAYS follows Wayland Public Schools holiday observance practices in that if there is no school because of a holiday, no formal WAYS activities will be scheduled.

Expected Protocol and WAYS Practices in Observance of Holidays

  • BAYS Games:
    • Must be rescheduled if they fall on a major holiday.
    • ?BAYS policy is to allow any coaches/towns the option to reschedule games where such a conflict exists. BAYS preference is that you pre-play (pre-pone) games. BAYS coaches should please coordinate with opposing teams in ample time.
    • There should also be no attempt to reschedule games on a holiday. 
  • Intramurals: will NOT run on holidays, and will not be made up under such circumstances.
  • Clinics: will NOT be scheduled on holidays
  • Practices: are OPTIONAL on holidays
Spring 2014 Holidays of Note
  • April 14-15, Passover (first two days) 
  • April 18, Good Friday
  • April 20, Easter

Fall 2014 Holidays of Note
  • September 24-25, Rosh Hashanah
  • October 2-4, Yom Kippur

Other holidays beyond those noted are subject to the same freedom for WAYS participants as described above.

updated 4/6/14