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All GRASS fields are closed per Wayland Recreation Dept and the DPW.  Please DO NOT use the fields until they have been opened for the season, the grass is fragile and pre-season work is being done on the fields to ready them for play!





Register for the Spring 2023 Season

Sign up now for our Spring 2023 Season. We have programs for Kindergarten thru High School in the spring.

Wayland Youth Soccer

The mission of WAYS is to promote the enjoyment of soccer, the development of age appropriate individual and team skills, and good sportsmanship. Success at accomplishing this mission at all age and skill levels depends on the joint collaboration of coaches, players, and parents.

Our philosophy is that if kids have fun playing soccer they will want to keep playing. This is the overarching basis for our program. It is not about wins and losses. It IS about how to be part of a team, about sportsmanship, and about learning both individual and team skills. Our belief is that in order to accomplish this, our kids must be placed in an environment where they can succeed and where they get lots of positive feedback from parents and coaches alike.

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